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THE DAVIS TECHNIQUE is the result of over 20 years of guiding and teaching actors to engage in their roles and careers with energy and focus. Yonda Davis has absorbed techniques and approaches that have proven to be very successful for many actors—some of them household names. The Davis Technique combines a vigorous exploration of character with positive psychology, instilling in the actor an awareness of how the interior and exterior process of thought and emotion meets in human behavior.

Youth (Ages 7-12)

10:30am to 12:30pm Every Saturday

Teen (Ages 13-17)

10:00am to 12:30pm Every Saturday

Audition Lab

The first 30 minutes of class will be dedicated to our Audition Lab. The audition lab provides students with the techniques needed and practice necessary to successfully audition. Audition sides will be emailed to students the day before class. When students arrive they will film their audition to be played back at the end of class.   *Students will be able to use their sides during the audition.



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"Yonda has worked wonders for my daughter's process. She can speak to kids like no other teacher and teaches them techniques that don't turn them into performing monkeys but true conscientious little actors who understand the process of characterization."

- Roxann Wright

My daughter was accepted to her first choice and the school is rated for acting as 1 of the top 10 University's in the nation. This University receives over 2,000 applicants to their theater program every year and they only select 20 applicants. My daughter was one of the 20 selected and I know it was due to her training at the Yonda Davis Studio.


- David Fowler

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Ongoing Acting Class

Monthly Tuition Includes

Scene Work

Scene study is a large component of the YDS Youth Program. Student are assigned scenes and paired with partners. They are given time to breakdown the scene and rehearse with their scene partners in class. They perform the scenes and discuss their preparation and choices with Yonda. Students are asked to dedicate 15 minutes per day (outside of class) to working on their scenes. During the last class of the month students will perform their scene on camera.

YDS Achievement Program

Learning and understanding the Davis Technique is very important to the YDS studio. We have implemented a program that will enable parents, students and instructors to track progress and reinforce the value of setting and achieving goals in their acting training.

This is a critical time when our youngest actors can be guided to develop habits that will improve their lives professionally and personally. Within a nurturing environment we will teach young actors the confidence and skills required to commit to powerful acting choices.