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THE YONDA DAVIS STUDIO  is a unique training for actors. We provide a comprehensive program that not only helps you hone your craft, we also educate you on the ins and outs on the business side of being a professional working actor. Our goal is to get and keep you working.


While many acting studios focus on either audition technique or scene study, we provide both. We also teach marketing, mindset and we tape your scenes every month so that you can visually monitor your progress. There are plenty of "acting school stars" in Hollywood who never step foot on a soundstage simply because they have never been taught how to get the job and keep it. We do just that.

We have ongoing acting classes for kids, teens and adults.

We give workshops for on-camera, Commercials, Cold Reading, and much more!

We offer seminars in Career Guidance, BFA Placement, and Parental Support.

You can schedule private coaching sessions with Yonda.

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Private Coaching

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"It is always good to see professionals at work. Good luck with this new studio. Clearly you are a natural teacher who creates brilliant students. Best regards"

- Alan Patrick

"Yonda has worked wonders for my daughter's process. She can speak to kids like no other teacher and teaches them techniques that don't turn them into performing monkeys but true conscientious little actors who understand the process of characterization."

- Roxann Wright

"I can't say enough good things about Yonda Davis studio. Not only has she taken my son's acting to new heights, but she has actively nurtured his emotional growth and maturity (as well as that of the other students). I only wish I could give her more stars."

- William Ginn

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What Students Are Saying...

"The Yonda Davis Studio is wonderful. My son receives focused individualized feedback and has grown tremendously under Yonda's instruction. 5 stars are not enough."

- Laurie Ginn