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Parental Support Seminar

Dates and Time to be announced


This is an opportunity for the parents to get answers to their questions about conducting and supporting their child's career! Topics covered will include schooling issues, audition and on-set etiquette, who's who on the set, work permits, emancipation, Coogan Accounts, and much, much more.

Performance Arts High School Counseling

Dates and Time to be Announced


This is a big decision for Middle School-aged child to make. Auditioning and enrolling into an Arts High School  requires discipline and hard work. We will meet with you and go over the school requirements for auditioning, help you decide on what material to use, help you edit it, and coach you to a high level of competition.

BFA Placement

One on One Program


It's hard to know where to go to school when there are so many choices. Yonda Davis will help students put together a list of eight schools and common requirements of those schools, keeping in mind each student's interest and determination. Ms. Davis will guide the student in choosing audition materials.

Career Guidance Seminar

These seminars examine the current business practices within the industry. There will be opportunities to meet and network with casting directors.

Bi-Annual Showcases

Dates and Time to be Announced


These showcases are recorded, streamed live on the internet and made available to casting directors and other industry professionals. This is also a time for Family and friends to attend, witness and celebrate student's growth in their performance skills!

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Topics may include:

•Book More Work & Create More Opportunities

•Turning One Acting Job Into Your Next 10

•Become SAG Eligible in less than 30 days!

•Getting Great Representation Or Nurturing Your CURRENT Agent Relationship

•Making Hollywood Notice YOU!

•Press and Red Carpets

•Amazing Industry Secrets



•Getting Mentors

•Building Your Team & Your Fan Base

•Stop Waiting For Your Career to Happen to You

•IMDb & IMDb Pro

•How To Get More Interviews

•Getting FREE Publicity For Yourself & For Your Projects


•And many, many other hard-learned tricks of the trade that cost an actor nothing but effort.

•And Much Much More!

“Wanting to be a good actor is not good enough. You must want to be a great actor. You just have to have that.”

-Gary Oldman

"Thank you for coming to Kansas City (actually Mission, Kansas) and presenting such a fun and informative acting class to our acting community."

- Patrick Lamb

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Actor Power Circle (APC)

First Wednesday of every month 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Change your career, change your life in 100 days! APC is a Mastermind Group for actors. This is a monthly accountability group for actors focused on action. When you are breaking through to higher levels in this industry, you will move forward faster if you are connected to colleagues that can support you through the growing pains of success and you will move forward faster if you are guided by a coach who can help you maximize the opportunities as they start to roll in.


Our members are positive, pro-active, like-minded actors who come together to network, share experience and information and help each other make fewer mistakes and waste fewer dollars.



Thomas Edison, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were all members of a Mastermind Group.